How Pro Hvac Service’s Referral System Works

There are lots of ways we generate leads that we cultivate into a sales-ready referral. We have a staff of experts dedicated to finding people in the process of searching for HVAC services throughout the country. There are two different ways your potential customers get ahold of us:

1) They fill out a form that details their heating or cooling emergency, service, or purchase from our wide array of online marketing efforts.


2) They call us directly and speak with one of our customer service experts to get more details and pricing on the service they require.

Our sales team then works with the customer to define their needs and create a project that will be valuable to you. Every qualified referral that you receive from Pro HVAC Service is a potential customer with an immediate need. To ensure this is true, every lead that passes through our system is vetted to guarantee it includes the following information:

  • verified referralCorrect Name/Phone Number/Email Address (if provided)
  • The type and size of project that they are requesting
  • Verification of the time and date they’re looking for service

Our system will automatically match the services requested and the address where the job is located with the services and zip codes you provide when you sign up as a Pro HVAC Service Member.

Once we find a potential match:

  • A profile of your company you help us create is immediately sent to the prospect. This quick response provides information about your company and your services so they know who will be contacting them.
  • The information that’s provided from the potential customer is sent to you via e-mail, text message, and push notification to let you know that a potential customer needs to be contacted immediately.

After that, the ball is in your court.  A quick response usually shortens the potential customer’s search, and increases the chance of closing that referral.

Over time, our partners have told us that the faster they respond, the better chance they have of closing the lead and adding another new customer to their business.  Our goal is to give you a slow ball down the middle of the plate that’s easy to hit—but it’s up to you if you get a single, home run, or just a strikeout.

How Much Does Our Service Cost?

referralOur service costs are variable on the services and referrals that you choose to receive from us.  We’re not here to spend your money, we’re here to help make you money. That’s why we take the time to verify our leads before we send them to you.

We have several different ways you can customize our service to your requirements, so the actual cost of your particular service depends on several factors:

  • How many different types of referrals do you want us to send to you?

    We charge by the referral, but you can select the specific types of jobs you want to service.
  • How much territory do you want to cover?

    As your territory grows, the volume of leads we send your way grows too.  To get the most out of our service, try and provide areas that might have a high concentration of existing business.
  • How often do you want us to send you leads?

    We’re giving you a chance to have a fire hose of sales-ready referrals if you want them—but you control the flow.  You can change how often and where you get your leads at any time, and even put your service on hold if you’re going on vacation or just have so many leads that you can’t get to all of them.

All these items factor into what we will charge you.  Since there’s so much freedom and so many choices, we recommend you speak to one of our Partnership Specialists to get an accurate estimate based on your needs.  All referrals are billed weekly, so you don’t get a sticker-shock bill at the end of the month.

Get More Info Before You Decide

Don’t just take our word for it—we want you to learn more about what we have to offer.  Call our Membership Hotline at (303) 962-5572 today to get more information.