Gas Furnaces

gas furnacesA gas furnace is the most common central heating system in homes throughout the country.  Although they do cost more to purchase and install than their electric furnace counterparts, they provide efficient heating at a much lower cost and can heat your home for 10-20 years.

Did you know that the replacement of an older gas-burning furnace combined with clear ducting and regularly scheduled maintenance can save you up to 30% on your heating bill?

By increasing the efficiency of your system you end up spending less per month on your energy bill, helping the system to pay for itself over time by utilizing converted energy to heat your home.

How does a Gas Furnace Work?

A gas furnace turns on when your thermostat detects the temperature in the room has dropped below the setting you select. The furnace lights a burner inside the combustion chamber, and pushes the air into a heat exchanger to heat it.

Once the air is heated, it flows out and is either blown throughout the home (also known as forced air heating) or passed through a large vent to heat the home (also known as gravity fed heating).  All combusted gasses that created the heat escape through a vent that’s connected to your flue.

Benefits of a Gas Furnace

One of the biggest benefits to installing and using a gas furnace is the low energy costs.  A high-efficient gas furnace costs significantly less than the ongoing costs of an electric furnace. Since most homes already have a gas furnace installed, you can usually reduce the cost of a replacement installation because the piping and venting is already in place.

Approximate Costs of a Gas Furnace

Typically, the cost of purchasing and installing a gas furnace ranges from $3,000 to $7,000 for an average home, depending on the type of gas that you use (natural gas furnaces are on the higher end of that spectrum).

All prices vary depending on the quality of the unit you select, the labor and materials required, and any additional costs for delivery.  Please request a quote for more detailed information!

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