Electric Furnace

electric furnaceAn electric furnace is a forced-air system that uses electricity as its only source of fuel.  Electric furnaces are one of the most efficient HVAC units you can purchase, and cost less to purchase and install.

It’s important to remember that electricity is generally more expensive than natural gas or propane, so the money you save on purchasing gets offset by higher electricity bills every month.

If you’re interested in installing an electric furnace in your home, or need to replace an existing heating system, Pro HVAC Service has an expert in your area that can help you find a system that fits your budget and your requirements.

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Advantages of an Electric Furnace

There are several advantages to installing and using an electric furnace.  Here are just a few of the benefits that our customers find valuable:

It Costs Less

  • One of the best things about choosing an electric furnace is that it costs significantly less to purchase than other heating systems.  This is primarily because the technology and components are significantly less expensive than all the individual components of a gas furnace.  You can expect to spend 25% to 50% less on an electric furnace than you would on a comparable gas furnace.
  • You also spend less on installation (unless you’re removing a gas furnace and replacing it with an electric one).  Since you don’t need a gas line or vent pipe, you don’t have to deal with additional installation costs that a gas furnace might include.

Electric furnaces last longer

  • The average life is about 20-30 years versus 10-20 years for a gas furnace.

Minimal Maintenance

  • Not only are electric heaters safer to operate, they’re also easier to maintain.  You’ll have normal wear and tear, and regularly scheduled maintenance, but you also eliminate the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning and other dangers that gas furnaces present.

Approximate Costs of an Electric Furnace

All prices vary depending on the quality of the unit you select, the labor and materials required, and any additional costs for delivery.  Please request a quote for more detailed information.

On average, the cost of purchasing and installing an electric furnace ranges from $2,000 to $4,000.

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