Baseboard Heating

baseboard heatingBaseboard heaters are one of the easiest systems to install and operate.  They’re typically installed on the floor of a room, but can also be portable.  Most baseboard heaters are powered by heated water tubes or electricity, and have a thermostat that allow you to control the temperature individually or as a group.

Baseboard heaters have been used as primary heating units, but are usually used as supplementary heat for systems that consume a lot of energy. Using baseboard heating in a room you want to occupy without heating the entire home could save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy usage compared to heating your entire home.

Advantages of Baseboard Heating

Installing and using baseboard heating has a lot of advantages:

  • Baseboard heating is flexible—you can control individual rooms and eliminate the need to run your system constantly to get the temperature that works for everyone.
  • You can connect multiple units together, and it’s easy to figure out how many units you need to heat a room properly.  With the various sizes that are available, you just put the baseboard heater in the coldest part(s) of the room.
  • They’re cost-effective.  Most baseboard heaters start at around $100—making it one of the most affordable options compared to other long-term heating solutions.
  • They’re easy to operate, easy to find, and don’t cost a lot to repair.
  • They don’t contain moving parts—this makes them less prone to breakdowns, and they typically don’t produce a lot of noise.
  • Thermostats can be installed on the baseboard heater itself, or mounted on a wall, making them very easy to control.
  • Baseboard heaters can also be used as supplemental heat.

As you can see, if you need a heating system with a low cost of entry, baseboard heating can provide you with a good short term, long term, or supplemental source of heat for your home.

Average Cost of Baseboard Heating Systems

The price of your baseboard heating system will vary depending on the quality of the unit you select, the labor and materials required, and any additional costs for delivery.

For a single baseboard heater, you won’t spend more than $150-$200 per unit, with the total cost including installation ranging from $300-$400.

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