Commercial HVAC Maintenance and Repair

Commercial Services Pro HVAC ServicesCommercial HVAC Repair can be costly- especially if you haven’t maintained your system regularly or requested an annual inspection.  Most costly repairs can be minimized or completely avoided with regularly scheduled maintenance- and Pro HVAC Service can help you with routine maintenance, annual inspections, and repair services any size commercial heating or cooling system service.

Recognizing issues with your Commercial HVAC System

Knowing the warning signs that your HVAC system might have an issue can minimize further damage and help you avoid costly repairs.  If you notice any of these warning signs, be sure to give us a call at (844) 769-5995 as soon as possible!

Heating and/or Cooling Issues Throughout Your Office

This symptom is one of the most common issues we come across.  Improper heating or cooling could be a quick fix like a clogged air filter- but it could be a much more serious issue like a damaged compressor or broken fan motor- but diagnosing the issue can be difficult.  If you’re noticing an issue with the temperature in your office, one service call could solve your problem.

Strange Noises Coming from your HVAC System

If a commercial HVAC system is making a strange noise, it’s usually an indicator of a serious issue.  A squealing or hissing noise can be a bad fan belt, and if you hear hissing, you might have a refrigerant leak.  Any strange noises are usually a bad sign- don’t wait for a catastrophic failure that could result in a complete replacement.

Increasing Energy Costs

As you’ll see with any HVAC system, if you’re seeing energy bills increasing, it’s a tell-tale sign that there’s a problem.  As parts start to wear down with constant use, it takes more effort to make them work, which results in a higher monthly output for the same (or less efficient) result.  Look for significant increases over time compared to previous months and the same time last year- if there’s a spike request an inspection as soon as you can.

Preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs- at the first sign that your office’s HVAC system is having issues, be sure to give Pro HVAC Service a call.  We also recommend setting up an annual inspection of your entire system to avoid a catastrophic failure that will leave you without heat or air conditioning when you need it most.  Our technicians can help you diagnose issues before they become a huge problem.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance and Repair for your Commercial HVAC System

Having your commercial HVAC system break down can be a hassle—but Pro HVAC Service can help you get your system repaired, perform routine preventative maintenance, and inspect your system to spot anything that might cause you issues in the future.

HVAC maintenance on Commercial Systems frequently gets pushed lower and lower on the priority list to take care of more pressing, immediate problems, but ensuring your system is running optimally has some significant benefits.

  • Increased Efficiency – A commercial HVAC system that’s running properly reduces your energy output, which decreases the cost  of you your monthly energy bills. Don’t let a dirty filter or slipping fan belt cost you thousands of dollars a year in increased utility bills- make sure your units are serviced regularly.
  • Lots of Small Issues=Big Problems – Finding and repairing small issues discovered in routine maintenance or annual inspections will help you avoid costly repair bills.  You’ll also discover other issues that might cause structural damage, leading to additional, expensive repairs.
  • Extend the Life of your Equipment – The more often you have your system serviced and repaired, the longer it will last.  If you have a $100,000 car, you wouldn’t drive it without any oil- the more stress you put on the system, the more likely you are to have problems.
  • Smaller, More Manageable Repair Costs – Having your system inspected and maintained spreads out the costs associated with your HVAC system, and helps you avoid larger repair bills that could be tens of thousands of dollars.  Avoid the hassle of a costly one-time repair by catching issues before they shut down the system.
  • Better Record keeping – Having a regularly scheduled HVAC inspection gives you the ability to track how many repairs have been performed on each unit, making it easier to determine when they need to be replaced.  Make sure the Commercial HVAC service you choose provides details on all work they perform.

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