furnace trouble repair replacement regular maintenanceRunning in the background to keep you warm on frigid winter days, furnaces are often taken for granted, but if you begin having issues with your heating system, it can become frustrating and costly to fix.

The best way to avoid an expensive furnace repair is to perform regular maintenance on your unit to ensure it continuously operates smoothly—every year just before your unit’s busiest season is recommended.

Furnaces typically last 15-20 years, but inevitably as your furnace ages, normal wear and tear will cause it to slowly degrade.

We have compiled a few common issues furnace owners encounter and how they should be handled. Let us help you to determine if the issues you’re experiencing are life threatening to your unit, or if a simple repair will solve everything.

Common Furnace Issues

furnace trouble repair replacement common issues look forIf your furnace is having issues, there are a few things you can look into before you call a technician.

You should check to make sure your air filters are clean, your air vents are not blocked or closed, your thermostat is set correctly, and the circuit breaker feeding your furnace is on.

If all of the above seem to be correctly set and working properly, we discuss what more you can do to determine the cause of certain issues below.

Furnace Not Heating at All—May or May Not Require a Unit Replacement

This issue is typically caused by an incorrect thermostat setting, closed off vents, the furnace being set to the ‘off’ position, a blown fuse, a pilot light that went out, or an overloaded motor (which just needs to be reset).

If your unit is turned on and your circuit breaker is not tripped, check your pilot light or water heater for proper operation. If everything seems to be in order, contact a professional to help you diagnose your issues.

The furnace may have overheated due to dirty filters, and depending on how bad it is, may require fixing a broken heat exchanger, which can cost around $1,000 or more. Because it can be so expensive you might consider replacing your entire furnace.

Not Enough Airflow—Repair Your Unit

Fan Blower - Furnace RepairIf you’ve checked your thermostat, filters, vents, and circuit breaker and none of these is causing your airflow problem, it is likely an issue with either your wiring or your blower fan.

To check the operation of your blower fan, set your
furnace in the off position, switch your thermostat to a fan only option (if available), turn your furnace back on and wait a couple of minutes.

If your fan doesn’t turn on, it could be a broken blower fan, but it could also be a faulty thermostat or bad wiring. Either way, call a professional to come diagnose the issue.  

On average a new blower motor can cost anywhere from $80-$500 or more depending on your system’s capacity and your needs. But if you just need a new thermostat, it can cost anywhere from $15-$250, depending on how advanced its features are.

Unusual Furnace Noises—May or May Not Require a Unit Replacement

You might hear a variety of different noises coming from your furnace or ductwork, and all of them indicate different problems—some of which are simple fixes, and some of which may mean your unit needs to be retired.

If you’re hearing a hissing or a humming noise, there could be a leak in your system which may require extensive duct treatment. In this case it’s best to call an HVAC technician for an expert opinion.

If a squealing or whining noise is coming from your unit, it’s probably an issue caused by an old or fraying belt, shaft bearings that need oil, or a malfunctioning blower motor.

This type of noise typically indicates an easy fix by a technician. New belts or oil should cost less than $20, but a faulty blower motor can cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

A loud bang or pop when your unit turns on could be a bad sign. Dirty furnace burners may cause a buildup of gas before it’s released and lead to a cracked heat exchanger—an expensive repair that might even mean replacing your entire unit.

However, this same noise could just be a result of having metal ductwork and be no big deal. It’s best to consult a professional.

Should I Repair or Replace My Unit?

When evaluating your furnace for whether it’s time for retirement of just regular repairs, first always consider the cost of the maintenance and how old your unit is.

If you find that you have to continuously make repairs to your furnace, or your energy bill is getting abnormally high, it might be time for a new unit.

A new furnace can run anywhere from $1,500-$4,000, so if your repairs are getting costly and your unit is reaching or beyond 15 years old, you may want consider a replacement for your unit.

Before you decide to completely replace an HVAC unit, it’s a good idea to consult with experts. Get a professional opinion when you contact the experts at Pro HVAC Service!

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