Heat Pump Freezing- Pro HVAC ServiceOne of the things that happens to heat pumps regularly is the buildup of ice on the outdoor coils.

This can occur any time throughout the year—and if you see it happening, you might damage your system and cause additional damage that could end up forcing you to replace the entire unit.

Your heat pump has a built-in feature to help detect when the coils are freezing up—it actually turns on the heat mode to help defrost the system. If the defrost cycle kicks in, but the ice isn’t removed, then you’re in for a visit from your friendly neighborhood HVAC technician.

We offer you some advice and tips here, but here’s another perspective of things that could have gone wrong, and some tips to troubleshoot the problem from Aqua Plumbing and Air:

In their Blog, Is Your Heat Pump Freezing Up? Troubleshooting Tips to Get it Working Again, Aqua Plumbing and Air outlines some of the issues that could cause your heat pump to freeze up, and offer some troubleshooting steps you can take before you have to call an HVAC professional for a service call.


Here’s a Few of the Things They Recommend:

  • Replace dirty filters if they’re clogged or damaged
  • Check your vents and registers—clear away boxes, furniture, clothing, or other items.
  • Clean away leaves, grass, sticks, snow, and dirt that could disrupt the unit’s airflow or block the outdoor coil.
  • Check your gutters and make sure they’re not overflowing onto your outside unit.

If taking these steps doesn’t solve the problem, let us help! We’ll connect you with a local HVAC technician and provide you with some free estimates to repair or replace your heat pump.

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