modern thermostat programmable featuresA necessity for daily comfort, thermostats allow you to both easily control the temperature of your home or office as well as maintain an appropriate and constant temperature.

Whether you adjust it manually or program set temperature points for certain times of the day, with the proper thermostat you can save both time and money.

There are many different types of thermostats available on the market, with functionality ranging from simple to complex. Recently there has been a lot of buzz about programmable thermostats, which provide a range of features with the goal of increasing control and ease of use.

With the availability of so many options, however, it can be confusing and make it difficult to decide which features will be useful and necessary for you—so let the experts at Pro HVAC Service assist you in determining the ideal thermostat for both your needs and budget. 

Why Should I Get a Programmable Thermostat?

When choosing a new thermostat, it’s important to find an option that suits your specific needs. Energy Star has created a guide to help you understand the benefits of programmable thermostats and what features to look for.

One of the main benefits of smart thermostats is their pre-programmed settings that make setup a breeze as they are already established for you.The pre-programmed settings are considered standard, but you may make adjustments to suit your individual needs.

Extra Features of Programmable Thermostats

smart home remote thermostat control benefits features programmable thermostatsPre-programmed thermostats also offer a variety of extra features which may be useful for you.

Energy Star compiled a list of additional features for programmable thermostats, including touch pads, voice programming, and vacation features.

Certain additional features may be of use to you, and others may not. In order to find the best thermostat for you, aim to purchase one without too many features to keep things simple.

Remember, a thermostat is supposed to make your life easier by allowing you to simply adjust the temperature of your space. It is important to choose one that meets your needs without being too complex.

Too many extra features can decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system by causing confusion and making programming temperature points a difficult chore.

For more information on thermostats and what type will work best for you, check out this article which reviews all kinds of thermostats, from basic to advanced.

In the end, any thermostat is only as good as the HVAC system it is hooked up to. If your project requires the assistance of a professional, Pro HVAC Service can help. We’ve gathered a network of professional contractors in your area that can help you with the challenges of installing a heating or cooling system. Get started with a free estimate today!  

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