air conditioning repair and troubleshootingWhen your Air Conditioning is having issues, there are a lot of things that could be wrong—up to and including having your entire unit replaced.

Before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a repair, Pro HVAC Service wants to give you some ammunition to help diagnose the problem and avoid being charged unfairly.

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Videos, Infographics, and More On Common Air Conditioning Issues

This 20 minute video tutorial on air conditioning units will give you the chance to understand how your air conditioning works—and give you some ways to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

If you want a visual representation of some of the more common issues and the steps you can take before you call a technician, check out this infographic on How To Diagnose Air Conditioner Problems:

How to Diagnose Air Conditioner Problems

Maintaining and Servicing your air conditioning system regularly can save you a ton of money over the life of your unit. Check out this infographic on A/C Maintenance from Aqua Plumbing and Air—they outline some issues that your a/c might be having, how much energy you can save with an a/c that’s working properly, and some energy saving tips.

 Troubleshooting Air conditioning issues 2

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