How do you stay heatingwarm during the freezing winter months? Do you make sure to wear lots of layers and snuggle up under a blanket? Thankfully, there are heating systems for your home that make all of that bundling unnecessary.

In the past, there was only one option in terms of a heating system that could keep you warm during those cold, snowy winter days. The simple flip of a switch would turn on your furnace to full-blast, heating up the room quickly. However, is this still the best option out there?

Modern technology continues to bring about more opportunities to improve our day-to-day lives. When it comes to the heating system in your home, there are now multiple options to choose from that will provide much more efficiency overall.


What Heating System Options are Available?

Because there are now a few different heating systems to choose from, here are some explanations of how each one works:

  • Single Speed – The single-speed furnace is the heating system that has been used for many years. This option operates at only one level of output—which is where it derived its name—meaning that whenever it is on, it is always running at maximum capacity.
  • Two Speed – A two-speed, or multi-speed furnace is one that operates on either a high or low level of capacity. This heating system is more efficient than the former because it mostly operates on the low setting, using much less energy while providing more even circulation throughout your home.
  • Variable Speed – Equipped with advanced technology like heat pumps and thermostat monitors, the most efficient option available is a variable speed furnace. This system is named after the blower motor that is used, which monitors the data from your heating and cooling system and adjusts according to the specific needs of your home.

Now that you know the differences between each system and the way they operate, you may be wondering just what makes the variable speed furnace the best option.


Advantages of a Variable Speed Furnace

There are multiple advantages to having a variable speed system in your home in terms of cost, efficiency, and comfort. Here is a breakdown of the many ways in which you can benefit from using this type of furnace in your home:


Your heating system should rarely have to operate at full capacity. With a single speed furnace, this is your only option, meaning you are using up a lot more energy than necessary. A multi speed furnace allows you to run on a lower setting, but is still not the most efficient option.

Because a variable speed furnace is able to alter its settings based on the specifications of your home, this system is much more efficient than the others. For example, your system will produce more heat during the colder nights of winter, then adjust itself to produce less throughout the warmer, sunny days.

Furthermore, a variable speed system uses the thermostat to monitor each of the different rooms and areas of your home. This means that if one room is colder than the others, your system will produce more heat in that zone so that the temperature always remains consistent throughout the entire house.


Although a variable speed furnace may initially cost more than the other options, it actually helps you save money in the long run. Because this system uses much less energy than the heat pumpothers, your monthly energy bills will not be as high in the years to come.

Another way in which you save money with a variable speed system is by having less moisture in the air. The heat pump in your system helps to control the humidity levels in your home, and removes excess moisture from your airflow.

Humidity causes any environment to feel much warmer than it actually is, so eliminating the excess allows you to set the temperature a few degrees higher, which results in even more energy savings every month.


Aside from being able to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your entire home, there are a couple of other factors that allow a variable speed furnace to provide a higher level of comfort than the others.

Variable furnaces create far less noise than those of the past. Having to constantly operate at full capacity is noisy in the first place. Not only are they now able to run at a lower setting, but many of the systems being produced now are created using noise-cancelling materials. Even at full capacity, these systems are created to operate much more quietly than they used to.

One of the best advantages of a variable speed system is that the air in your home is continually being circulated. This provides you with cleaner air quality because the air is constantly being passed through your filtration system, removing any bacteria, viruses, mold spores, dust, and any other harmful contaminants.


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