tips on lowering your heating costsLowering your heating costs is something that every household tries to accomplish every single winter.  

If you don’t have an air conditioning system in your home, you may begin to notice your energy bill increase significantly as the colder weather months begin.

There’s usually some sort of sacrifice that has to be made to keep your heating bill in check—usually by turning off your heating system and making your home a bit less comfortable than you might like.

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort by Just Turning off Your Heating System

The good news is that we have found some tips and tricks that can save you money on your heating bill without having to sacrifice comfort. One of the first things that comes to mind is to have a professional technician come out and service your system in the fall.

A professional service call can help ensure your system is running optimally and can uncover any costly repairs or potential failures that could result in an emergency service call.

After your tune-up, take the advice of Popular Mechanics, who provide some great tips on reducing your heating bill in their article 14 Sneaky-Smart Ways to Cut Your Home-Heating Bills.

From replacing your weather-stripping throughout your home to using a portable heater in the room you use most, these tips can reduce the times you use your furnace to heat your home, and save you a ton of cash in the fall and winter—and they’re easy to implement.

Saving Money on Energy Doesn’t End With Heating Systems

save money by decreasing your energy costsThere are lots of different ways that you can save energy throughout your home—heating only accounts for approximately 29% of your total energy consumption.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to save energy and money on more than just heating, check out this comprehensive guide on More than 100 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill. Consumers Energy offers tips on how to improve efficiency by optimizing all the appliances throughout your home, including your:

Just utilizing a few of these tips could save you money every month—and most of them are easy to implement.

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